He Who Walks in Shadow

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Brett J. Talley with the help David Stifel’s narration takes us on a mission which is a race against time in order to save the world from the darkness that could destroy the whole humanity in no time.

The cause of the whole disaster is the loss of Incendium Maleficarum and the one who has been protecting it for a long time is apparently dead but still there is no sign of his dead body that could be found on the spot thus his daughter and dear friend hope against hope that they would find some clue as what happened to Carter on the particular day when the tragedy happened, this is the only way which Rachel and Henry think of that could help them in saving the world form the evil that has befell on them.

Nobody knows the cause or what had happened. The writer takes us to different places all around the globe form Tunguska forest to Paris and then to the isles of Scotland with clock always ticking on the back showing that we are running out of time with every next step that is taken. The story has suspense, action and also the dramatic element that keeps us alert all the time. The shifting of the scenes is also brilliant as the scene and the scenery both are described in great detail as if the writer has visited these places before writing the whole thing.

The tale also has clues in it that make us think that we are approaching the target sooner or later and keeps the spirit high and hopes alive of the characters and the listeners. Sleeping Beauties – Stephen King & Owen King and Cavern Of The Damned – Russell James are other books that offer phenomenal views of the unseen if you need to indulge into more such stories.


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