Heads Will Roll

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Narrated by Kate McKinnon, Tim Gunn, Peter Dinklage, and Emily Lynne the book is pure fun but just for the adults, there is no room for children in this creation. A lot of the fans think of it as an appropriate item for all ages because of the comedy but it is incorrect. The language that is used in this book and also the jokes that are cut on different creatures are all adult talk.

The story tells us about Queen Mortuana and her minion who start a quest for the safety of the throne. Queen of the Night Realm receives the news that there is a chance of mutiny against her as a result of which her throne would be taken away from her forever. On hearing this bad news she starts looking for a solution to stop the upcoming calamity on her throne. After much research, she gets the answer i.e to save the throne the queen must get hold of the “Shard of Acquiescence”.

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The journey is started in a flash but it does not prove to be as easy as it was supposed to be. On their path to the Shard, the Queen and her trusted minion face terrible things, things that can divert their attention forever. Each time they are distracted they not only waste time but also their chances of reaching their destination becomes dull. The story is a marvelous attempt by the two sisters i.e Kate McKinnon and Emily Lynne. This is the first time they have created a book together and more will come after this mega-hit adventure of the queen.




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