Heaven’s River

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Novel welcomes the fans to the fourth part of this fantastic series where Bob and his allies go on a search for their supreme leader i.e Bender. Bender started the space expedition for the welfare of the people at Bobiverse long ago. Then the great leader and space explorer got lost during his voyage and since then no one ever heard about him.

The search was made at different stations but there was no trace of Bender, not even a message was received by his troop regarding his safety. Thus considering him dead the search was closed and with it the chapter of the great leader i.e Bender. After a century a new leader i.e Bob emerges on the scene and he smells something fishy regarding Bender’s case. So he restarts the investigation and goes to the station where it all happened about a hundred years ago.

After his landing on the planet on the far side of the universe things at Bobiverse also take a dramatic change. Opposition gets into more power and the second in command at Bobiverse prefers the use of raw power against the opposing forces.

Ray Porter narrates in the style that has become so famous with him these days. Ray uses stress on the spots where there is action or emotions at the same time. We Are Legion (We Are Bob) and For We Are Many by Dennis E. Taylor are good enough to be given attention right next to this one. No comic scenes are found in the series anywhere, those who are trying to find a relaxing time in this tale are completely mistaken.

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