Heirs and Graces

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This is the seventh time we are listening the voice of Katherine Kellgren as she narrates the Royal Spyness in a pattern that has become so familiar with the audience. Her voice has a special kind of appeal for the audience and it makes the story look juicier by the extra sound effect. Rhys Bowen too always tries to give us a new aspect of the girl who is one of the Royal Family but has received nothing from it.

Her dreams too are associated to becoming a star rather than a princess or a queen. She is good at spying but this is not the role that she herself has adopted. It is once again in the royal house and thus not like The Twelve Clues of Christmas in which Georgiana had no contact with the throne.

Thus whenever the royalty needs the job done she is the right choice to make and when Jack’s hunting knife ends up on the Duke’s back she is called for the job. Though the Duke and Jack had too many hard talks in the recent time but it does not mean that they wanted to kill one another.

The issue was the selection of heir on which they failed to agree and then the dead body of the Duke appeared on the scene. Georgiana for once is sure that Jack has not committed the crime as she is of the view that someone else has taken advantage and accomplished his or her own hidden agenda. No clues of any sort the master detective moves on in the case of a lifetime that could change everything around her.



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