Hell Divers II: Ghosts

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Get ready for thriller ride number two as R.C. Bray takes guard as the narrator once again for the Hell Divers. A long time ago the team of Hell Divers lost the big gun known as Xavier when he fell on earth after which there was no trace of him left. Michael was just a teenage boy when the incident took place, now after more than a decade, he has become a strong man. Finding no one equal to him in skills and strength Michael took guard of the team known as the Hell Divers.

Along with this young man, there is another old warhorse in the team known as Leon Jordan. In the absence of Michael and his team, it is Jordan who stands as in charge of the ship. Michael and his team dive to the earth now and then for the resources that they frequently need to keep their ship flying. On a rare occasion, one mission takes a little longer time during which there arises a mutiny in the ship against the second in command. Jordan being a hard-headed guy tries to use an iron fist but it just makes the situation much worse.

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Meanwhile, the squad on the earth discovers something big which includes some hidden secrets against Jordan too. Conspiracy gets blended with action in this second episode by Nicholas Sansbury Smith. After this, it is hoped that Hell Divers V: Captives, Hell Divers VI: Allegiance, and other books of the series would be full of tales from the past. The author will inform us about the truth behind the ruining of the planet and its current condition.

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