Hell Divers V: Captives

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A wonderful imaginative series continues increasing our vision about the results of the world war III. The hell divers Xavier and Magnolia for the first time find an island during their mission on the planet and start to think that their specie can once again set foot on the planet that was once destroyed because of the deadly war but as they set foot on this island made of metal they come to know about the tyrant who rules this land with his full might and brings each and every one to subjection who dares to enter his domain.

Xavier for the first time in the whole series surrenders as he finds to other way of survival for him and his companion. The novel has more compactness if we compare it with novels like The Trackers Series Box Set and  Hell Divers IV: Wolves by Nicholas Sansbury Smith, the writer has induced more energy in the and emotion in this part especially and for the first time we see two different tales working in the novel one is on the metal planet and the second story is in progress on the airship where the crew come to know about the truth related to the world war III, a truth that could possibly lead them to another war for the survival of the human race.

The narration by R.C. Bray is awesome as ever the fighting scenes are narrated in full warrior spirit and the pitch and tone makes you engage for a while in those scenes. The novel is a nice continuation to a brilliant series and one can guess from this part that we are soon going to see the final of this saga.



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