Hell Fire Fire from the Sky, Book 8

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Firstly, before anyone starts this eighth part of the series he should have a complete picture of Clay in his mind, the boy that was seen in Fire from the Sky. A fighter at the core and still looking for peace in life the boy is fully aware that fate always has other things in stock for him but he with the unconquerable will marches against it. On the family ranch life looks peaceful for the family but it is actually not, enemies from all side try to take away from them what rightfully is their property alone.

They have dealt with worse before and dead bodies will not make Clay and his family leave the family property, if they want to see peace they have to start a war first. Hurting aspect since the last episode is the betrayals among the family members and friends, for the sake of personal goals trusted friends and allies have left Clay. Soldiers fight each other and there are traitors like those seen in Parno’s Company that take benefits from both sides and use war as a tool for their own prosperity. Between all this is the clever mind of Clayton who alone can predict something big that is coming to all of them.

N.C. Reed the author has made Clayton this way, he can see the future not like a fortune teller but we can say that he guesses well. In previous part Clay’s family was unaware of the danger but not this young man who was aware of the developments in the surroundings. Enemies of the land emerge more severely and Lee Alan’s style in narration can help in predicting when the things are going wrong.

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