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Craig Johnson Walt Longmire series carries on with great enthusiasm into its 7th chapter of the series. It is a crime mystery thriller where the modern detective character of Walt Longmire is adorable for his sharpness and investigative skills in all his cases that he takes. George Guidall once again has impressed all his fans with his impeccable voice range, while giving narration for this 8 hours long audio book.

The detective Walt Longmire in this thrilling novel is pushed well beyond his limits, while investigating a very complicated criminal case.

3 hard-bitten convicts managed to escape from the tight custody of FBI in a mountain whiteout. They also took hostages along with them in order to protect themselves or to make a deal with FBI, if they get caught again.

It was the time, when a fully armed psychopath guided them towards the uphill area of the Big Horn Mountain. Walt Longmire struggled big time to identify their treacherous ascent. Longmire required all possible help, which he could get from the towering summit’s tribal spirits. Things were weird and completely messed up. There was literally no end to the challenges, which Longmore was facing. But, he had his everlasting determination, which is the only thing that could take him to the successful conclusion of his mission.

Another great element known with Craig Johnson crime mystery novels is his humor. He will make you laugh sometimes literally out of nowhere. This also happens in this book and in the very early stages.

As the Crow Flies and A Serpent’s Tooth are a couple of more chapters from the Walt Longmire series, which on their individual basis are complete as a novel and highly appreciated by most of the fans, who have listened to their audio versions.





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