Hell to Pay

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This is the second one from the world of fantasy created by A.J. Markam where the first one was Succubus: Succubus, Book 1 – A.J. Markam following up to this book 2.

The story takes us in virtual reality where Ian is in action in a video game that he plays but he gets so much involved in it that it becomes something more than real life for him in which he is even in love with a woman whom he knows that she is an imaginary character and his dreams about her cannot be fulfilled but still this virtual reality impacts his mind so badly that his desire to have that demoness increase after every level and goes for her rescue from the clutches of hell, something which he would do in even in real life if she belonged to the real world of flesh and blood.

The three players Ian, Alaria and Stig fight things that perhaps no one can fight in the real world, as the fight is not just against the warrior lords but one has to save himself evil pirates and even female elves that are a bit lusty in approach when you come closer to them.

The story like the previous one is also full of wars, threats, and also a violent element of sex involved thus it is not recommended for children as things become more and more dangerous and hideous as the story reaches towards the last part of the trilogy. Iggy Toma has done a fabulous job in providing the story with the required energy and passion that ignites the element of war much further in the hearts of the listener. The dialogues are also narrated quite correctly and perfectly without any sort of hitch.


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