Hello, Darkness

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Mystery, suspense and thrill sits at the core of this highly engaging modern detective thriller. Sandra Brown is responsible for bring this great delight to the readers and listeners all over the world. Victor Slezak has once again graced this novel with his beautiful and powerful voice.

Paris Gibson has been living a miserable life, which is in complete virtual isolation for quite some time. This situation came for Paris right after she moved to Austin in the urge of easing the grief and pain of the tragic mistakes, which she has committed.

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She only gets back to life during the nights, when she use to host her very famous radio show. She never looked or sound like a same boring person on radio, which she used to be all the day. One day, a listener of her show tells her that the girl he loves ditched her after listening to the advice given by Paris on radio. He shows intention of getting revenge by killing the girl and then he would come for Paris.

Te sinister on the radio identified himself as Valentino. Paris was extremely desperate to stop Valentino in taking such extreme steps and in order to restrict him, she had no choice other than to take help of police. Dean Malloy, the crime psychologist was also approached, who was actually the man, which she hoped never to see ever again in her life.

Tailspin and Seeing Red novels by Sandra Brown earned her great acclaim, especially for her ability to create unimaginable situation just out of nowhere. Great suspense and thrill would entertain you throughout the length of these recommended books.






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