Her Last Word

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Mary Burton presented this book in a clear and succinct manner that everyone can relate with. It has a similar plot with Hide and Seek from the same author. But the suspense makes it an equally entertaining thriller.  It has an intense beginning and an unexpected ending. The book will keep you stuck on your seat or sofa from the beginning till the end.

It ‘s well written with perfect character representation. The plot development is also great. And Brittany Pressley narrated this series with the right diction and emotion for each character. Overall, it’s the kind of book that keeps you going even when you know you just need to drop it to attend to something very important. It’s a thrilling and engrossing read.

When a series of incidents drags up an unresolved case of abduction that happened 14 years ago, Kaitlin Roe has to confront her past to find out exactly what happened to Gina her cousin.

The threat to her life has resurfaced again after she had thought her life has resumed normally. The guilt of running away from Gina’s abductors is still prickling her till date. She thought she could have stayed on to rescue her cousin. But even after the interrogation has died down, she still felt a pinch of guilt. Now she has the chance to bring her cousin’s murders to justice, or so she thought.

She decided to have a podcast to interview everyone linked with the unresolved crime. However, she discovered even her life is in danger after one of the women she interviewed was stabbed to death.

It seems her cousin’s murderers are back in business, and this time, they are intent on silencing everyone who could drag them out to the open.

Detective John Adler thought his job is to help with the investigation. But after another murder case, he now realizes that the life of his love interest is in danger too.

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