Her Mother’s Grave

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Chance and coincidence play a role in life but for Josie the coincidence is terrible, her department has found the grave of Belinda Rose. Belinda Rose is the name of Josie’s mother and she is still alive as far as she knows. The young agent is shocked to know that the girl was murdered thirty years ago and now only her bones remain which were found by the two boys who went to the park for some fun. It is possible that two people in the world can have the same name but there are other things that Josie finds out closely resembling her mother.

There could be a possibility that someone is playing games with her or perhaps her mother has never told her the truth. Her mother is in the hospital and her condition is precarious because of which she cannot answer such an investigation properly. Josie has no choice but to get to the bottom of the case which has started haunting her mind.

Lisa Regan has put her number one heroine in extreme mental stress in the current mission. She feels that the killer is very close to her because whenever she reaches close to solving the case another crime distracts her. Eilidh Beaton in some chapters narrated Rosie as an energetic character and then there was some chapter in which she looks completely exhausted. Buy Breathe Your Last or Find Her Alive: A Gripping Crime Thriller Packed with Mystery and Suspense at the end of this novel if you like murder mysteries in which the criminal is always one step ahead of the hero. The personal issues of Josie remain unresolved and the girl seriously needs a dear one who can help her collect herself.

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