Heralds of the Siege

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Short stories shower is anticipated because the author is not a single person rather the team of John French, Nick Kyme, Rob Sanders, James Swallow and Guy Haley is present in the author’s column. This has happened so many times in the series and it always comes like a pleasant surprise for the listeners.

All the stories are linked to one another in one way or the other but again they show an independent nature too. The link is the characters and the place where the action takes place but the story line is different. Each of the stories is interesting and leaving it means that you have to come back to it as a listener because the future parts would be based on all of these.

Too much stress of work even forced Jonathan Keeble to take the help of Matthew Hunt in narration because the fuss of a lot of characters can sometime bring monotony in the voice. Main war is lost by the troops of Terra according to the initial chapters of the book and the Warmaster has brought all down to their knees.

Now only moments remain when the remaining heroes one after the other would be slaughtered on their own homeland and the native people would become slaves. All is lost now and the series that started like The Last Kingdom and The Pale Horseman has come to a tragic ending. Some optimists still hope for a miracle but they cannot look toward the sky now because the enemy ships have covered every inch of it and they are going land in full grandeur.

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