Here and Now and Then

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The love of a father gets to a new height this time when Kin Stewart jumps back in time to save his daughter whose existence is at stake. The novel begins with a description of Kin as an ordinary man with a job related to the IT department. He like any other common man wants to keep the emotions between him and his wife on a high note and also he wants to keep a strong connection with his daughter Miranda whom he loves from the core of his heart.

From the inside Kin is a totally different kind of a being, he belongs to the year 2142 where it was one of the famous time travelers of his era and was during one of those time traveling missions that he got stuck in the ’90s after the failure of his mission and since then no one came to rescue him, his past life is like fading memories to him now as eighteen years have passed but the rescue team from 2142 finally reaches Kin and tells him that in that era he has been gone for a few weeks only.

They want to take him back as another family is waiting for him in the future but the problem is that he does not remember that family anymore, not even a glimpse of it and going back means that he would not see Miranda anymore and she would probably not exist anymore on the timeline after his departure.

Mike Chen in this time traveling tale makes us feel the love of a father who is ready to destroy the existence of each and everything just to save his daughter. Cary Hite’s narration also carries good pace all along to the end. 



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