Hero of Thera

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Eric Nylund’s first book in the “Hero of Thera” series takes us to a game world where you are given aid by real-world demons and gods as well. A game that can take you to a totally new dimension of wars and fights, where survival means a totally new thing to the players.

The world is named as Thera where different world cross at that particular place and players enter this world but as they enter it becomes a bit difficult for them to leave that captivating world of Thera that has charms of its own. The story possesses an idea of the creation of a new world and that too of your own choice but after playing the game and completing it by winning it of course.

The only problem however winning the game is the evil force in the form of devils and demons, an opposite force that don’t even allow you to reach the fifth level even. The story is quite well arranged and the plot is quite strong as well, the elements are all well compiled. The attractive thing about the story is the attractive game elements in the novel in plenty something we don’t see in other works of the writer like HALO: First Strike and HALO: The Fall of Reach thus there is an extra spice for game lovers as well.

The narration by Jeff Hays makes the book more remarkable as the narrator has done justice with each and every character and incident of the story by narrating it with full energy that was required. The rise and fall in the levels and the action scenes are narrated in a clear tone so that we can understand it in a better way.  




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