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The end of another trilogy with fantastic emotions delivered not only through words but with the help of gestures as well. The epic battles are fought whenever you enter the world of the elves and each war end with tragedy as the dark elf loses one thing after the other that he thought was precious for him in his life.

The underdark has been his home for centuries now because he had several scores to settle and the tasks though were hard and tough but Drizzt has never tried to run away because he wants a way out. The only way out leads through all the fights and wars that he wins luckily almost every time.

He faces things that an ordinary man can never bear in previous parts like Archmage and Vengeance of the Iron Dwarf but this does not have any impact on his quest to return to the land once again. Thus now after fulfilling each task and winning each battle the scores are settled from his side and he goes to the land once again.

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The sole purpose that he is left with is to find a new home and peace in his life. R.A. Salvatore ends the story in way that we can guess very easily that we would not be hearing Victor Bevine narrating another part. Because this seems to be the final conclusion of the life of an elf that really moved many.

There are no objectives left and no unfinished business for Drizzt as he moves further in the world above. The plots have been always awesome and inspiring especially this last trilogy was woven with extreme caution.




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