Heroes of the Frontier

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The story starts in a comic manner but as it moves further the tragedy seems to take over as the small family of a mother and her two young children goes deep into the wilderness in order to escape not the city life but the current situation of their domestic life.

Josie the mother in the story loses everything in so short time that she herself cannot tell that whether this whole new life in which she is in is a dream or this is all real and her life has become a living hell after getting split not only from her husband but also from her profession she has been left with no other choice but to run away from the scene because in this way she can have her children close to her.

The story is a bit like a travelogue, the mother takes the children on a trip where the eat hotdogs and enjoy the fire at night, they go as far as they could from their city and their past life but there are some things that you cannot run or hide from. Josie fights two sorts of enemies the real ones and the one that is just the creation of her imagination.

Dave Eggers portrays beautifully the psychological condition of a woman who after getting kicked out by her husband gets the same response from her professional life as well, that’s why she feels insecure and wants to run away from the scene and is in search of a proper hiding place. Rebecca Lowman’s voice is something that makes the whole thing a perfect material for the people who like Dave’s work.

Dave Eggers You Shall Know Our Velocity – Dave Eggers is also a good read for those who love his work.


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