Hidden-House of Night

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After presenting some history lessons the series once again comes to the present time with Zoey on a mission to save the House of Night. Destined was all about trying to prove to the High Council that Neferet was the biggest evil that has been polluting the whole house for years. Zoey has succeeded in her mission here and the council is fully aware of the deeds that Neferet has performed over the years. Trying to dominate the House of Night and getting rid of Zoey forever were the primary aims of the old priestess.

Council shows readiness to help Zoey and her friends because the survival of the school also depends on it. Enemy has finally come to light but it’s a little late for the school authorities to act once again because the traps are well set against them around the school. It might be the last time when the two forces confront one another, after the battle only one will survive on the ashes of the other.

Zoey and her band of misfits have faced different odds but an evil so big perhaps is a nightmare that has come true. Awakened made Zoey strong mentally but she has to show what the queen taught her in terms of physical power. Not the last one again that Caitlin Davies narrates, that’s why the tone is not lazy at all.

P.C. Cast and Kirstin Cast still have a lot of material in their minds ready for the production of next parts of the series that has made the children addicted to it. In between the original story some tags form the past are also added in order to make it more interesting and clear to the children.



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