High Gloom

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This epic “High Gloom” is taken from the 6th volume of the “Bad Guys Series” and documented by Eric Ugland and narrated by Neil Hellegers. Trick of the Night and Back to One are the matchless narrations of Neil Hellegers.

Clyde Hatchett has had a cadaver lord inside him, gradually attempting to assume control over his body and raise a multitude of undead for some time now and keeping in mind that that might appear like a fairly and earnest make a difference to take care of, it’s just now after being constrained out of ‘Glaton’ by his dearest companions and afterward protecting somebody’s sister from a terrible marriage, that he has in a spot to manage it. Furthermore, his more ideal arrangement with it rapidly, since his whole left hand is beginning to seem as though it has a place with the ‘Crypt-Keeper’.

However, in Gloomguard, where the mage Clyde needed to work on something else entirely than elsewhere in ‘Vuldranni’. Everybody is out for themselves and there was no such thing as helping out. So to try and converse with the mage ‘Clyde’ should leave on a progression of crazy missions he cannot deal with and was not ensured to survive. We have seen ‘Clyde’ twofold down on his enchantment and foster a genuine ability for it. He has a gathering of companions and devotees we are getting to be aware of and love in significant ways and we have been chasing after an extraordinary mission with high stakes and a cost it claims to achieve.

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