High Mage

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High Mage is a high voltage novel produced by the great author, Terry Mancour. This book is part 5 of the successful Spellmonger Series by the author and independently, it will give you all the ingredients of great literary art. John Lee was again does magic with his voice and beautifully gave the narration of this book, which earned all the positive reviews from critics and as well as his fans.

Things quickly started to shape up in favor of the Spellmonger, Minalan. The magic mountain in his territory made him a very wealthy man and as well as the strongest mage in the history. It also resulted in the production of a lode of some magical gemstones that had some really unique properties.

Just as when Minalan got into a position to trade a few of his magical rocks or stones for irionite, he found himself in a commanding position to setup 100s of more magi along with the stones, subsequently making him High Magi.

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However, such powers are always meant to come at a very high price. Every other High Mage that Minalan presented, posed a series of new problems to tackle. The Magelords on the other hand were found inspiring fear in their neighborhood. Things were getting complicated and moving forward swiftly as well.

Spellmonger and Hawkmaiden are two other sensational books from Terry Mancour, which earned a great fan base for the author. You just cannot afford to miss these books, if you are a fan of fantasy genre depicting warfare and social drama.



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    1. Terry, Perfect example of why we need a entire world map (replete with a few key cities and duchy borders…..18 minutes (105-106) of High Mages hovering and discussing a map….Come on maestro, you can do better!


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