High Moor 3-Bloodmoon

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The union of the world of the werewolves and the human race is perhaps shown for the first time in so much detail and the union is not for fun or love this time it is the dire need of both the races in order to survive the deadly fangs of the Moonborn who could extinguish both from the face of the world in no time without leaving a single trace.

We have seen many stories of the werewolf before when the human race is in combat with them but this time mankind in the form of John and Marie wants a bond between the two, as we see them in a quest to free the one who could join the two communities together and make them prepare for the battle of the ages against their one common enemy who is too powerful to handle for both of them if dealt singly. The story right from the beginning is described in powerful and force words. The action and aggression are in plenty and the savageness is at its extreme.

High Moor 3 Cover Art and Concepts | Graeme Reynolds's Blog

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A real treat if someone wants to enjoy something that keeps him thrilled and active until the end of the story. The story does not have too much of an exaggeration of the events and also there are no complex mysteries that could that unfold one after the other, raw fight is what the story by Graeme Reynolds promises and Chris Barnes’ narration puts life in the whole scene through narration which is appropriate and ignites the passion to hear more about the werewolves and the Moonborn. There are no dramatic twists or hidden truths that the characters have hidden from their pasts thus the tale is with a simple plot and with one goal only i.e survival.  Most of the stories like (Forgotten Realms) Neversfall – Ed Gentry are also recommended and liked by most of the other readers and story lovers.


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