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Hindsight is a mystery thriller with some really good suspense as well. It is the seventh title in Kendra Michael’s novel series. The book is authored by a duo of mother-son, who is Iris and Roy Johansen. Iris Johansen is the mother of Roy Johansen and they both have given some outstanding novels in the mystery-thriller genre. The Naked Eye and Close Your Eyes are a couple of best novels which are written by them in this Kendra Michaels novel series.

Finding Elisabeth Rodgers as the narrator of this chapter is no surprise as she has been doing this since the first chapter of the series. She deserved to be here as her performance since the last three chapters of the series have been top class.

Dr. Kendra Michaels became an extraordinary investigator after getting remaining blind for 20 years of her life. An innovative surgical procedure helped her get her sight back and she became a top-notch investigator with her special, razor-sharp senses.

Her skills were required this time quite close to her home. A couple of staff members at a school were murdered. That was the place where she spent her formative years. But, both the murders were quite dissimilar from each other. One was stabbed and the other was shot. So, were those two murders related to each other? Or, was Kendra Michael on the hunt for more than one serial killer this time? Do check this book to find your answers.

The authors have done a tremendous job in the series but this one didn’t live up to the higher standards they set in the series. It is boring with a weak story.

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