His Majesty’s Dragon

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A dragon war enters in the Napoleonic war era as Naomi Novik gives a new dimension to the war scene by adding dragons in it. The rivals are the same but France and Britain are not using planes this time for invading the territories of their foes. Luckily they have dragons to ride on and fight with. The Temeraire series does not start at a slow pace as we find ourselves in the battle field right from the start.

The story takes a twist when Will Laurence gets hold of an unhatched egg that belonged to the French army. The captain not only takes care of the egg but also starts forming a bond with the creature inside it. The two form a relation that can change the course of the war forever.

The dragon gives the British army hope to fight against the French with the help of their dragon Temeraire. The novel also depicts the way Will Laurence learns to fly a dragon with in short time and it appears that the dragon itself wants Will to ride on him.

Both belong to two different worlds but are unified by an unidentified bond that they cannot explain. The first part paves way for the next two as it is in Book 2: Throne of Jade and Book 3: Black Powder War in which the friendship is truly tested and the true motive of their mission is told. Simon Vance narrates in that old fashioned voice of his that has its charisma for the folk tales. The jolly tone never makes us feel tired even in the dullest scenes.

There are special sounds as well in the flying scenes that make the picture clearer in our mind.



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