Hit List

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A group of assassins was on the tail of the trio when they were last seen in action, survival chances were grip in that case but they emerged well. Sacrifices have been given by all three of them and they are marching on with one target set i.e dominate the US. Their domination is not like the terrible domination of the vampires which is usually portrayed in the novels or movies. Jean-Claude wants to present himself like a true king who is listening to everyone if not helping them in the best possible manner.

We saw Anita Blake helping the federal marshals on several occasions in Skin Trade and Flirt which means she is on good terms with the human race still. Government officials also trust her fully because of her long service for the department over the years. Thus she gets a call to track down another serial killer that has been laying waste to human blood for many days. According to the local police, the way that the victims are being killed is quite odd for a human; there is a possibility of a monster.

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Anita instead of going alone takes Edward with her for the support that she needs quite often these days. Laurell K. Hamilton has told us all about the weaknesses that the main character has developed over the years but there are strengths in her that are yet to be recognized. Narrator Kimberly Alexis is also making better efforts to move with the developing characters of the novel. Not a lot of voice changes are observed in this long series but Kimberly tries to vary with the pitch a little so depict the modes


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