Holiday in Death

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A time to relax has always been a dream for the busy people especially people like Eve Dallas who has always been busy with her job fighting crime all the time. Thus all Eve wanted was a holiday for her and her poor fate presents another case in front of her. The more she keeps running away from the main scene and crime ironically the more criminal scenes enter in her life that has never been quite pleasant.

One thing is for sure that she never trusted Roarke fully which is quite clear from Vengeance in Death and  Naked in Death  but at the same time she cannot resist him as well. It’s dating season when Eve enters New York but she is in no situation to enjoy a holiday and date a guy of her choice as she chases a ritualistic serial killer. One thing has been the same in all the murders that she has witnessed i.e they had connection to “Personally Yours”.

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Eve enters into an elite group of people who are ready to waste all their money in order to find true love. The comic element however is that the love that they all desire is just for the holiday and that has been the trend of the upper class for decades.

As the people hunt for dates the sinister killer searches for another prey that seems to an easy one for him such circumstance. J.D. Robb has been successful in creating new drama all the time thus keeping the “In Death” series alive on the scene and in the hearts of the listeners as well who love to listen to it in the voice of Susan Ericksen.


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