Holy Sister

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Mark Lawrence finalizes the trilogy and gives the series an ending it deserved from the beginning chapter Red Sister. Nona now likes a warrior goddess was once brought to Convent of Sweet Mercy as a weak girl with a terrible past. She was committed to avenge the death of her dear once in Grey Sister and here she takes a step further. Though she wanted to be a nun the circumstances and her situation in life do not allow that. War has already begun and there are threats from all sides that must be answered.

If Nona and her friends don’t answer back they would get killed by the enemy’s weapons. Attacks come closer and closer and one day the sound of the bombshells and the whine of guns can be heard outside the Convent of Sweet Mercy. Nona knows that she cannot run and in the appearance of a nun she cannot fight the enemy either. So finally she decides to bring out the ferocious animal hidden inside her from the day she entered the place for training.

The lady knows what will happen if she takes the fight to the enemy but she is left with no other choice just like the past when she got cornered. Narrator Helen Duff first gave the girl a serious tone at first and that change into an aggressive one here. Precious lives are lost as the girl starts to fight back but there is not backing down, she loses friends, kills foes, and starts marching on with no remorse this time. In the end, she does not become what she chose for herself rather she turns into a character that she was always destined to be.


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