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Home Coming is a science fiction and fantasy genre by the renowned author, A. American. The book is part 10 of the sensational The Survivalist Series, which shows the miserable and challenging journey of Morgan Carter, his family and close friends. The narration of this book, rather the entire The Survivalist series is done by Duke Fontaine.

It was a very painful and an extremely tough ride for Morgan Carter and his extended family.  The park got attacked right at the time when things were starting to shape up in the right direction. As a result of this attack, Bobbie lost his life. The physical wounds of Danny were nothing in front of the life loss of Bobbie. Mel found it emotionally very hard to deal with this loss and the pain could also be seen in the eyes of the rest of the group. The attacks on the community were becoming bigger and there has to be a way to stop it. That concern was getting very hard to ignore and different things should be tried sooner, rather than later for protecting lives of the people of the community.

Now it is been a year since that day and Morgan Carter is very much worried about his parents. This was something on his mind for a long time. But, now this worry was getting much bigger and hard to ignore. Morgan sometimes feels that the only good day of this life in the new world is Yesterday.

If you are looking for more novels by A. American, then Conflicted Home and Surviving Home could be your best choice. They are part of The Survivalist Series by author and probably the best parts, which you would surely love.



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