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Home Fires is a brave attempt by the novelist, N. C. Reed, which proved to be a successful novel, after many earlier novels that he has written. The subject novel is chapter 5 of the Fire from the Sky novel series. It is a science fiction fantasy with all the ingredients that could mesmerize the audience with hours of entertainment. Lee Alan is once again the chosen narrator for this novel and he surely has done a great job.

In this novel, Clayton had a surviving contact the enemy or those people, who should be on his side. His family couldn’t understand the reality of their new building circumstances, Soldiers at their part are just looking to follow selective orders and then there are friends as well, who are essentially trying to sell one down the river.

There is absolutely no one, who ever said that the modern world end would ever be an uneventful or a boring one.

Clay at his end has to deal with a lot of betrayals, blame shifting, attitude problems and idealistic natures. All these things were a big enough threat to undermine all the preparations, which were underway for several months. All these preparations to this stage even cost a fortune. Things weren’t going well at all and a lot more is still to happen.

Brotherhood of Fire and Fire from the Sky are other super grasping novels written by N. C. Reed. They are loved for their amazing storyline and the fans just cannot resist appreciating the vast imagination of the writer. The quality of narration of these audio books makes them even more special for the audience.





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    Fire from the sky: Firestorm

    Fire from the Sky: Hostile Fire


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