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A pact was made between the people of the earth and the Galactics long ago so that no harm could reach the planet earth and its people. Now with the emergence of a new power in the universe the people of the earth once again face a threat of which they cannot come out without a fight. The allies though are with the people of the earth but the enemy’s might proves to be lethal than ever.

B.V. Larson provides new intensity to the series as in the past the battles were big but no harm was ever done to the mother earth on a large scale. The soldiers of the earth were fighting in the battle field but there was nothing personal about those battles at all. The plan is set for the defense of the home world and all the big names that we heard of in Tech World and Armor World are present for the epic battle except James McGill who has plans of his own. Instead of fighting with the enemy for the home world James travels far of among the stars for the solution of this gigantic problem.

The exploration for the advanced tech leads James to the unapproachable paths and he must get hold of the technology that can beat his enemy before it is too late. Not a minute to lose the fate of the earth once again hangs in balance as Mark Boyett adds extra chilling factor in his life so that we can enjoy the sensation and thrill of the novel.

The ending of this military science fiction still leaves room for the next part and it is like a never ending battle that the author has started taking place in different parts of the universe.

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