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Its slavery, we are told about in the voice of Dominic Hoffman that has made this novel more appealing to the listeners. Effia and Esi the two girls in the novel belong to Ghana, their different fate make them face life differently. Effia gets married to a British and this makes her connected to the class that had the right to live free in the 18th century. After marriage she shifted in the castle with her husband beneath which the slaves were kept in those days. Among those slaves was Esi who was not fortunate enough to find an English husband. Life for the black people in those days was worse than that of animals.

They were first dumped into the castle basement like dogs and then were taken to America in boats. During the journey several of them used to die because of hunger and those who survived used to lead a tough life. If one black man or woman becomes a slave than this means that his or her family would also lead the life of a slave.

Thus Yaa Gyasi describes the culture of the eighteenth century during which same category of individuals used to live totally different life. It was the will of the white people that decided the fate of the black men and women and they had no power to stand against this injustice. The impact of these decisions affected the families for centuries to come and perhaps even to the present day.

Transcendent Kingdom and Heimkehren are good for listening if someone possesses an interest in that old era. Humanity crashing into pieces makes several hearts sad even now because no one really wants to make others slave for the sake of pleasure these days.




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