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Drizzt’s popularity in fantasy literature is unquestionable. And author Salvatore represented this character exceptionally well.  Victor Bevine also performed well with his narration. In some audiobooks, the narrator could mispronounce some words and put readers into confusion. But Victor Bevine’s voice and diction was perfect. It suits the characters and the role they play in the book.

The author represented the characters exceptionally well. And there are lots of interesting characters in the book: Drizzt the main protagonist, the noble Zaknafein, the vengeful Alton Devir, and the Matron Malice. One little frown is the role the protagonist played in the book. Drizzt’s character seems to be a weak one, despite the fact that he is the hero in the book. But this may be a deliberate attempt to set the tone for Exile, which is the next book in the series.

Although it is not the first time Drizzt has been used in literature books, the author made great efforts to make readers understand his past and history. The book Homeland was set in the Menzoberranzan city, which is the home of the Drow. Salvatore portrays the power tussle that takes place in the city. Those who are familiar with the book about Drow will understand that there are interesting things to learn about here. In the book, Salvatore made sure that readers are not only entertained but educated as well.

In the book, Salvatore goes deeply to make some things very clear to the readers. He exposes all the violent incidents in the Drow just to fulfill their culture demands. He did this through the eyes of the innocent and naïve Drizzt. At the end, the reader will understand the confusion behind the Drow.


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