Hope to Die

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It took Alex Cross many years to recover after losing a dear one and even when it came to choosing between family and revenge the man chose family. This shows how much he is attached to his family and how much he desires to live with them. But time has not been merciful to the man and whenever he has tried to live a simple life it has become a mess. It was during Christmas when he was called twice for duty and then one mission on Christmas Eve nearly took his head off.

Later in another episode, his family was abducted and he struggled hard to save them. One thing noteworthy at this point is that James Patterson is not providing Alex with a lot of friends in the series. For example, no one stands from the department to help him. Since he has married Bree it looks as if no one is there for him in the department because in the past help was coming to him in the form of Bree.

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When we listened to Alex Cross, Run and Cross My Heart we felt that someone is watching Cross’s family. Now Alex Cross’s family is gone and is in the hands of a mad man. He has abducted the family because he wants Alex to provide him what he needs and if Alex says no then he would not be able to see his family again in life. It took Alex years to recover after the tragedy related to his wife and he does not want to experience that trauma again.

Moreover, he also does not want to be the toy of a psychopath. Michael Boatman and Scott Sowers have done wonders in the past and the two were on to this book in a flash. Narrating such a story is of course not a piece of cake but together these two get the job done.

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