Hour of Need

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Major Grant has been working for the sake of honor and he has surely secured a high position among his fellow fighters. While working in Afghanistan, this marine has seen enough and he wanted to go home. However, he wasn’t aware that a tragedy was waiting for him at home. His brother and sister-in-law get killed in cold blood because of which he is given a few days’ leaves to attend the last rituals.

While he was there, another incident takes place and his nephew and niece nearly get abducted along with their babysitter. Grant gets serious because he knows that his brother was targeted because of some special purpose and he wants to get to the bottom of it otherwise the killer will come for the kids once again. The neighbor Ellie also shows her concern in the matter because her daughter faced the same situation too.

Together the two starts looking for the criminal and Grant is well aware that the time is running out at a rapid pace. Soon he has to return to Afghanistan on his duty which means that the children will be like a sitting ducks for the killer. Ellie too starts showing his interest in the case and in Grant as well so it becomes tough for him to handle these things once again in life.

Dead Against Her and Seconds to Live get rebirth in the shape of this book which has suspense and mental torture that keeps on increasing for the main characters. Melinda Leigh is the writer so the story is not moving away from the main goal at any place. Cris Dukehart has not tried to go high-pitched while narrating this story which is a nice thing on his part.

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