House of Assassins

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After the good success of the opening novel of Saga of the Forgotten Warrior, House of Assassins automatically grasped the attention of book lovers all world over. It is a dark fantasy fiction, which has some really good content with amazing twists and turns to mesmerize you. Thanks to the brilliant piece of writing done by Larry Correia for this chapter.

For the audio version of this book, the narration in the voice of Tim Gerard Reynolds makes it an even special experience for the book enthusiasts. It is definitely because of the past success of Tim and his vast experience in the domain of narration and voice over.

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Ashok Vadal was once known by all as the highest caste in Lok. He completely devoted his life for the sake of upholding the law, while serving as a Protector. He was rooting out all those, who are still in the phase of practicing the old rituals and giving quick justice using the ancestor blade Angruvadal.

No one was found to be more cruel and merciless than him for the sake of stamping out the remaining belief in demons and the gods. His brutality was highly celebrated and quite legendry as well.

But, soon Ashok reached to a conclusion that he has been living a false life throughout. He himself was actually casteless, even being known as one of the senior person of the Protector Order. He was nothing more than a pawn in this political game.

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