House of Pain

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This is the second book in the 131 Days series. If you’ve not read the first book, 131 Days, it will be a great idea to go through that first. At least, it will help you follow up on the plots and counterplots in the second book.

Author Keith Blackmore and narrator john Lee continue in their excellent track record of delivering a great story and a befitting audio representation.   Some warriors lost their lives in the first book. Blackmore decided to include more characters to provide a great twist to the entire storyline.

In the city of Suai, Bochum tries to set up a group of spies to aid the mission of House of Ten.  Housemaster Goll finds out that one of his fighters has got something special about him that no other fighters have in the city. Meanwhile, Halm is on a vengeful mission to bring down Skulljigger. While these whole this is playing out, shadow elements plot to destroy the Ten at their opening matches.  This is surely blood sport at its peak, its worst, and its best.

The action in this book is a continuous one. It is a really good story with lots of humor, despite the endless battles going on in the arena. When it comes to narration, John Lee really killed it. There is no single misplacement of characters as they were all represented by their unique and distinct voice. He poured out the right emotion in each character with proper diction as well.

Whether you are reading the book or listening to the audio version, you will be kept completely engrossed until you come to the final section of the book.  It is surely a guarantee.

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