How to Bury Your Brother

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How to Bury Your Brother is a novel written by Lindsey Rogers Cook. It is a literature genre fiction novel where the author flawlessly told an exciting story. The expertise of the author lies in writing the novels on and about the Southern Families. How to Bury Your Brother will be a similar experience. If we talk about more exiting novels from Lindsey then The Last Train to Key West and A Good Marriage would top the list.

Karissa Vacker was entrusted with the job f narrating this novel. The performance of narrator was satisfactory and there isn’t any specific issue to highlight.

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Alice always thought that she had actually seen her brother in real again. Her brother’s name was Rob who ran away from home when he was only 15 years old. There were so many years left with in order to find his way back to home. But, it was unfortunately his funeral which happened first before anything else.

Now as Alice has to free her childhood home in Georgia, so there were a lot of memories that started to flood in. She also found an autopsy report that revealed some of the lies of her family. Moreover, there were also some addressed and sealed letters from Bob. Alice delivers the letters on the addresses in order to get answers for all her questions. A lot of stressful things happened and got revealed once those letters got delivered.

How to Bury Your Brother will definitely make an awesome listen because of its gripping story and good audio performance. It is tempting and once you start going through its narration then you wouldn’t be able to put it down until it finishes. Member Benefit

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