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Currently, most people in society are tense because of many things they face in life. So in this situation, they need some fun, humor, and motivation which can charge them up. On the internet, people like to watch those videos which can boast their energy and provide them with a positive vibe about life. Leslie Jordan is the kind of a guy who just got fame within no time when he started posting his videos on the internet.

He was not hoping for such a response from the people but the term “gone viral” just rocked him as well. He decided to write an entire book about this whole thing so that people can learn more about him. Also, this book is with the same kind of positive energy that has been displayed in the videos and other material which Leslie has kept on sharing.

One good thing which has made Leslie famous is the truth which he always speaks in front of his audience without trying to mold the facts according to the demands. He wants all the fans to see the real picture which he narrates in this book. Then there is the topping of humor on every occasion which keeps us in a good mood.

The author tells us about his meetings with the big stars in Hollywood after getting famous. Just don’t try to keep this book in the line of Everything I Never Told You or The Poisonwood Bible because this is real stuff here and we are talking about a real life story. This is the story that will not make you sentimental rather it will make you positive about life.

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