Hunters of the Dusk

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A little incident that happened in an average freak show turned Darren into a vampire assistant, the boy later realized that it was not an accident at all. He was destined to do great things for the vampires and they needed him quite badly. Being an assistant he served well also remained successful in keeping his skin safe too. Then in The Vampire Prince, he proved his worth and rose to the seat of the prince among the vampires. Getting this reputation and power was fascinating initially and then came the responsibility clause.

Author Darren Shan starts a new phase of Vampire Prince’s life from this part, not much thus has remained connected to the previous six parts. Darren who is now the Vampire Prince is on a hunt for Vampaneze Lord, if he does not take care of the matter the forces of the enemy will not leave any vampire alive. So it is a matter of life and death again that Ralph Lister narrates only this time Darren can dictate terms. He is not like the timid boy of Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant is planning to hunt down his enemy in its den.

This portion can be considered more of a quest for the young prince as he has started to plan for the future of the clan now. Not a lot of extra things added by the author to make the story more effective. The author has just stuck with the same old formula of his that has been working well for many years regarding this series.

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