Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter

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Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is an icon in the world of rap music and also the cable business industry. He started his career as a rap singer and very quickly he excelled in the field. His music was so impressive that the people of the era were always dying to get the latest creation of the artists as soon as possible. He was praised as a legend in his time and then the author narrates how he signed a contract with the cable world.

From here on, he started emerging as a television star as well because he produced an awesome series on his own too. The main message of the writer is that we should be committed and focused in our life. There is nothing to be afraid of rather we should have the courage to face everything bravely.

Nothing is going to back us down if we are strong at heart. Failure comes in life only when we get scared and do not participate in the thing with full force. Those who are confident and well equipped with ideas always land in the top position. Formula 50 and From Pieces to Weight could be taken as other examples of the same concept that the author has preached here.

However, in this book the author has given more personal examples and it can be considered an autobiography. Curtis tells us how he entered the music world also what were the things that forced him to enter the business world as well. His continuous success was the result of the confidence that he had in himself. Losing hope was not an option for him at any level.

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