I Remember You

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Memories can play tricky things on us, it is the memories that are the most precious treasure for a person. Losing memories would mean losing your personality and everything that you love. Hallie Evers didn’t lose her memories on the Fourth of July rather she lost her life in an incident at the rooftop party that she was attending in Las Vegas. She was sure that she lost her life as she took her last breath and closed her eyes.

The girl gets stunned when she wakes up in a hospital after a short time and she is told that she has been saved by an expert surgeon. It was stunning for Hallie and the more astonishing thing for her was that she had memories in her mind that she cannot comprehend. She could think of places and people that she has never met in her life. The surgeon who saved her life was nowhere to be found.

Hallie knew that her mother suffered from delusions and it was that mental illness that caused her death eventually but Hallie never had such issues. She was psychologically healthy and had never faced such problems in her life.

So she starts looking for answers and gets stunned when she realizes that she can tell about the murder of another person. Only one narrator in the form of Carlotta Brentan has narrated this story and a second narrator was not needed at all. It is narrated much better than Marathon and can be considered second best by Brian Freeman after The Zero Night. Hallie’s memories make her life really terrible and she becomes sure that she is living the life of another individual but she has to know the reason behind it.

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