I Wear the Black Hat

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I Wear the Black Hat is a book by Chuck Klosterman. This American writer and essayist have got eight nonfiction titles to his name. He has also written a few fiction titles and overall did well as a writer. One of the highly recommended books written by Chuck is The Nineties. Another deserving book of the author to share here is Eating the Dinosaur.

The audio narration of I Wears the Black Hat is done by Chuck Klosterman himself. He narrates the majority of his books himself and this was done quite professionally with an easy and passionate tone.

Chuck as walked into the darkness. He was related to the different cultural figures who characterized goodness, especially when he was a boy. When he became an adult, he discovered himself aligning with their enemies unconsciously. All of that was not because he liked whatever they were doing. It was more so because they were doing all of that on purpose. They all just wanted to be evil. What exactly is that supposed to mean? When we categorize someone as a bad person so what are we saying, and are we that much obsessed with saying all of that?

You will find Chuck in this book questioning the nature of how modern people can understand the perception of villainy. Why are we not able to see Batman in the same way s what and how do we see Bernhard Goetz? Who among Don Henley and Bill Clinton was more deserving of the vitriol? What was the second worst decision of O.J. Simpson? Why was Chuck still obsessed with a child he knew in 1985 for a week?

If you are interested to become part of a discussion on pop culture and other related stuff then do not hesitate to pick a copy of this book.

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