If I Die Tonight

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Among the best sellers written by Alison Gaylin, this book is one of its kind because of the unique story behind all the events and the characters sued here. The novel is being written by the author while keeping in mind that people will not be feeling detached from the story and will surely become a part of the sequence of the story as it continues and develop for a more interesting end.

Despite the fact that the book is written with all the ingredients that any reader would need, the voice of Cassandra Campbell as the narrator of this book also has given a major impact in making it one of the favorite book for the readers who need quality in their spare time.This absorbing book creates a perfect and balanced blend of suspense and thrill with the help of clearly marked villain and hero who are in defying situations and will be finding the way out to its conclusion in a very compelling and interesting manner.

The story is connected to the Hudson valley police station where a woman will arrive and what happens next would be changing the lives for everyone forever.

Despite the fact that the things would be seen changing but still the story is developing behind the scene and as it uncovers the scenario is totally different for everyone.Just like in the books And She Was and You Kill Me the author has beautifully transitioned the characters from one phase to another creating an exciting array of events that keep listeners indulged into it.

The unfolding of a football hero into a folk hero and the identification of wade as a crime person will be changing people’s thought while listening to the story.The story would be around the family’s connections, life and secrets that have been hidden for a long time so far.


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