If She Wakes

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If She Wakes is a mystery thriller, where the top notch suspense is the backbone of this novel. It is written masterfully by Michael Koryta. For narration, Robert Petkoff was exceptionally good a narrator and helped in making this audio book popular among a good range of people.

Tara Beckley is known as a high-rank in Maine at the idyllic Hammel College. Just when she drives to drop a visiting lecturer to a conference in the college, a terrible car accident kills the lecturer. This was terrifying and left Tara Beckley in a vegetative state.

This was true as far as her doctors thinks. In fact, she became a patient of locked-in syndrome. She was completely alert all the time, but was not capable at all to move even a single muscle. She was living a miserable life and was completed trapped well within her body.

During this time and in that state, she learns that someone at least more powerful than her want her to be dead. But, what could be the reason or motive behind all this? And, most importantly, what Tara could do to stop them from killing her, while lying on a bed of a hospital.

An insurance investigator, Abby Kaplan is hired by the college administration in order to help soling the case of Tara. Abby Kaplan had returned back home after a terrible disaster in Hollywood leads to the death of an actor and dented his own reputation too. He was completely shattered. Despite having the fog of trauma, he was sure that the car crash case of Tara was not an accident at all.

A couple of other recommended novels written by Michael Koryta are Those Who Wish Me Dead and Tonight I Said Goodbye.




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