If Tomorrow Comes

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So many times in life a person thinks that his life is just perfectly planned and at that time a single tragedy just ruins everything for him. Not many people can stand up after this kind of tragedy because when someone near and dear to you deceives you and leaves you heartbroken you don’t want to get up.

The main character of the novel and the series i.e Tracy Whitney is portrayed by Sidney Sheldon as a young and beautiful woman who has been blessed with all the pleasures of life. Tracy never thought anything negative about herself or about anyone else because her life was like a fairy-tale for her. Enjoying every day was like a routine for her until she gets what she didn’t deserve at all.

A mafia frames her even when she didn’t want to have any connection with the organization. When she lands in prison, she was with the hope that somehow her lover will be able to save her but he too leave her in this time of need. Nancy La Scala narrates with a heavy voice at this point because Tracy becomes helpless and sad when she finds herself in such a situation. However she finds new courage in herself while she is locked in prison and forgotten by everyone she once loved.

It is the emergence of a new power in fiction in the form of Tracy. She comes out of prison with only one thought in mind i.e vengeance. When this novel starts there is nothing like Memories of Midnight or Sidney Sheldon’s Mistress of the Game in it but after a few chapters when Tracy is locked in prison, the game becomes deadly again. The fight with the mafia and the man who wants to destroy Tracy is just stupendous.

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