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Wings on the back and tensions in the head the young girl gifted with magical powers march on. So far the journey has been of the mixed sort for Laurel as she has failed to adjust herself on one side of the land. At first, her heart was thumping for David i.e her human boyfriend, and then she went closer to Tamani and felt something which she had not experienced before. Tamani proved to be the possessive type who wanted to keep Laurel all to himself.

Also, he wanted to protect her from the evil which wanted to have her for certain reasons. All of it has become a thing of the past now because Tamani doesn’t interfere in Laurel’s life anymore after she said the last farewell to him. Laurel not only wanted some free space but she also desperately wanted to reach back to David, thus her request was granted to her.

It has been a whole year since she has seen Tamani and no doubt he has kept his promise of letting her go completely. Bad times are approaching as the young faerie tries to settle down in her old life. This is the devil’s turn to make his move and the evil forces are not in a mood to lose Laurel this time. Author Aprilynne makes Laurel beg for help from the person she rejected in Wings and Spells.

Only her ex-protector and the self-acclaimed boyfriend can provide the much-needed defense which is required in this mode of battle. Mandy Siegfried finally gets some time to narrate the scenes of the war zone in the trilogy and she has enjoyed it.

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