I’m Glad My Mom Died

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Parents should never thrust their desires on their children because this is the worst thing that can happen to a child. We can motivate ourselves for personal goals but the goals which others ask us to achieve never provide us the spark. Usually, we don’t perform well if we are following the line selected for us by our parents. Even if we do succeed then the feeling of enjoyment is not there and the creativity is never aroused. Jennette McCurdy talks about the same thing in this autobiographical book.

Her mother wanted her to enter the world of movies so that she can become a big star one day. As the father of the author died quite early so she was at the mercy of her mother. Her mother took full control of her diet plan in the early days of her life. She was asked to take care of her weight all the time and that restriction actually took McCurdy away from all the happiness and relaxation of life. She tells us about several things linked to her personal life quite openly.

The way her mother used to shower her even at the age of sixteen was something quite teasing for her. The memories are not really awesome but the author has not talked about all of this in a grieving style rather she has added a little humor to it. People who have the tendency to listen to Board Stiff and For Love of Evil kinds of books will find this book strange because this belongs to the real world. However, once a listener starts listening to the story, he will get involved in it.

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