Impact of the Fallen

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Ben Hale describes further, the impact of the dark forces on earth. Once people thought that there was no such thing as magic and then they saw it with their own eyes. It was not ordinary magic rather it was dark magic which started engulfing everything within no time. It was the Master who started everything and her powers have remained unparalleled to the present day. Nobody has ever been able to contest the rule of the Master except the Oracle but she is dead now. People are going down after the end of the Oracle but her enthusiasm to fight against the enemy still lives and the people know that fighting against the evil forces is the only way.

They are not prepared to go down in front of the dark forces without a fight. Humans need the support or help of an ultimate weapon in the form of a powerful being. That powerful being is not on their side rather it has gone dark in sheer hopelessness. Ben Hale brings positive energy to the novel when the female drops from the sky out of nowhere and the scenario changes at once. The one who has gone dark finds her and together they forge a bond once again which the human race needed so much.

Derek Perkins is at his best in this novel and if someone is thinking about Warsworn: The Complete Trilogy or The Forge of Light then this is the book to start with. These are not average books at all because they have superb emotions and the kind of battle which no listener would be able to forget.

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