In a Cottage in a Wood

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In a Cottage in a Wood novel became an instant hit right after it got published and it helped its author Cass green to become the undisputed best-selling author in the New York Times. The novel is a psychological mystery thriller with a highly compelling storyline and characterization done by the author. The performance in the narration of this audio book is also a huge plus point, which was effortlessly handled by the duo of Lisa Coleman and Helen Keeley.

It is a dark and a compelling thriller. The dream of the lady in the novel goes on to become the worst nightmare of her life. The story summarizes a very strange encounter of Isabelle with Neve, which changed her life completely. An unexpected parcel or an unexpected give is the main thing behind all the future events in this novel. A twisted secret is something that is a significant one and sits in the backdrop of all this.

Cass Green is a reputed writer especially in the psychological mystery thrillers. The author knows that how to best play with suspense and that is what is done in many of the novels produced by the subject author. It is true that no other novel of Cass Green has managed to get as much fame as the In a Cottage in a Wood mystery thriller. However, a number of other books from the author are beautifully written and deserves a read, even better, to be listened through their audio book format. If you are determined to read or listen more books from the author, then the most recommended ones are The Woman Next Door and The Killer Inside. The Woman Next Door novel made the author Cass Green as the ebook best-selling author.


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