In Farleigh Field

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World War II and its conspiracies are retold by Rhys Bowen in a different way or it can be said that the writer puts family love at stake when it comes to the patriotic love of one’s country. The novel has quite a large number of turns and twists in the story and all these are well knit with the plot that is a strong one.


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The war reaches the threshold of Farleigh field which is the living place of Lord Westerham, he along with his five daughter lives a pleasant placid life before the incident that changes their life forever, as one day a soldier with a failed parachute falls on their land and that soldier happens to be a German spy that makes the situation quite alarming for the army as well.

Ben Cresswell is the given the job to investigate on the issue and he shows his readiness on the case as he is in love with Pamela the middle sister Westerham family. Pamela too has secrets of her own as she works undercover for the British army.

The things take a twist when they come to know that one of Westerham is involved in the conspiracy against England and the planning is so deadly that if the group of spies remains successful in achieving their goal the whole of England will suffer in a huge way.

The story shares the family love as we see in The Tuscan Child and Her Royal Spyness also the court connection show a bit of resemblance the plot is also of a similar nature but still the stories have a spice of their own because of the way they are written. The narration is well matched in the voice of Gemma Dawson, it surely has an impact of its own on the novel.


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