In the Afterlight

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In the Afterlight is the 3rd book in the Darkest Minds novel series. The book is written by Alexandra Bracken, who is the best-selling American author in New York Times. Her Darkest Minds series was one of the best-selling sagas in New York Times, apart from her popular Passenger series as well. Alexandra Bracken has got several other novels to her credit where a few of the top ones are Never Fade and The Darkest Minds.

The narration of In the Afterlight novel is done by Amy McFadden. Just like in the first two books of the series, Amy gave another top performance with beautiful expression and voice.

Ruby in this novel is struggling to look back. She is dented with an unbearable loss. The kids who managed to survive the attack of government have now moved to Los Angeles in order to regroup. Only Ruby is in a position to keep the extremely dangerous prisoner under check. But with Clancy, there is absolutely no guarantee at all that you are in full control and also the fact that everything has a price.

When the Children’s League parted ways, Ruby rose up in the ranks of leadership and made an unlikely appliance with Cole, who is brother of Liam and he was keeping an explosive secret of his own. There were many other Psi children as well who were suffering in the rehabilitation camps of the government all over the country. Freeing them and revealing the government role here is the ultimate mission of Ruby.

The concept, plot, the universe etc. are all superb in this novel. It makes a great read, rather an even better audiobook experience.







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